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For Creators

This information is provided as an addendum to the General Community Guidelines specifically for Creators.

Age Restriction

Why was my video Age Restricted?

When your videos are reviewed for content (sometimes at random), we may apply an Age Restriction (18+) to only allow our older audience to watch your videos.

What is Age Restriction?

When your videos don't break the rules, but still contain questionable content, we will apply an age restriction to keep the younger viewers from being able to watch it.

Can I apply Age Restriction myself?

Yes! When you upload your video, click on the 18+ checkbox, and it will automatically Age Restrict the video when you release it.

Can I undo an Age Restriction?

If you have self imposed the Age Restriction, then you can edit the video and remove the tick from the 18+ checkbox.

If we have enforced an 18+ Age Restriction ourselves, then this cannot be removed. You are free to appeal this if you wish, and one of our reviewers will manually review your video. If the restriction is found to be erroneous, then the restriction will be removed.

Make sure to review our article on context to make sure we can make the best judgement for everyone.

Nudity & Sexuality

What Is Not Allowed?

Generally sexually explicit videos are not allowed. Pornography and Fetish related content will either be removed or restricted, depending on the context of the video. Following on from this, if the content is extreme, the judgement to block your account may be the only course of action. Extreme sexual, violent or humiliating videos are in most cases, not allowed.

What Is Allowed?

The biggest point to make about your uploaded videos, is context. There are a few instances where nudity or sexually based content is allowed, but it requires that the video context is for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes. This context must be very clear, so that it cannot be confused. The content must not be gratuitous. Making sure you label, tag and describe the video and it's content well, will ensure that we can quickly filter and determine the validity of a video and its content.

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