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General Community Guidelines

Viuly is a Social platform by its nature. Being able to post videos in public view, comment and discuss are all social actions. As such, certain guidelines are in place to provide an inclusive, safe, and open community for each and every user. We want everyone to feel safe, and our guidelines are there with the intention to help maintain a happy and healthy environment for you.

Please take time to read the simple rules below so you know what appropriate behavior is, while you are here.

Cyberbullying & Harassment

Hateful, spiteful content; comments and messages are not welcome on Viuly. Before you post your video; comment; or message, review it carefully

What is Cyberbullying & Harassment?

  • Making degrading remarks about a persons abilities; looks or personality
  • Posting videos of people who have not provided their consent
  • Sexualization or sexual bullying of others
  • Attempting to humiliate or shame others
  • Inciting your viewers or other members to harass or provoke others

Hate Speech

Freedom of speech is a difficult thing to allow, when it's constantly abused. We do our best to maintain your freedoms as well as keep Viuly as open as possible. We will always fight for your right to express your opinion.

Occasionally though, some people use their freedom to infringe on the rights of others. It's part of our job to make sure that a persons immediate safety and mental state are not put in jeopardy because of hate speech.

Any content; comments or videos that degrade a persons race or ethnic background; religion; age; gender or physical/mental disabilities will be removed.

Constructive criticism is not considered a valid form of hate speech. While it is possible to criticize a video for it's quality; a Politician for a decision; or a business for it's service, this freedom does not extend to criticizing a persons religion etc.


Any videos; comments or content that threatens serious physical harm to others will be removed.

Spam & Scams

The fight against spam is an ongoing one. We're constantly tuning our system, and updating our policies to capture; report and remove spam whenever we find it. The truth is, it's not always an easy task.

This is where your help is needed to identify and let us know what you've found.

Video Spam

Posting large amounts, or reposting the same video in a repetitive and unwarranted fashion is classed as spam, and will likely be removed when reviewed. It's not okay to post hundreds of videos in short order, or without targeting your audience properly with appropriate metadata.

Comment Spam

Repeated comment posts, link spam; follow4follow and generally harassing comments will be removed if found. If the infraction is especially severe, your account may also be reviewed.

Message Spam

Use of the direct messaging feature for the purposes of driving sales, or harassing users with multiple messages, link spam and unwanted advertising is classed as spam. This is not allowed on Viuly.


Misleading or explicit thumbnails have been a problem for some time. Especially those classed as “clickbait”. Thumbnails that don't meet our Extra Information for Creators or General Community Guidelines will be deemed as spam, and removed.


There have been instances in the past, of users who have created and uploaded content with the express purpose of getting users to hand over their crypto wallet keys, or scam them out of their money. Primarily as a way to part people from their money, this type of content is not allowed on Viuly, and will be removed if discovered. The account in question will also be reviewed.


Copying another users page/content/username/thumbnails or avatar in an effort to trick other users into believing you are the original creator is not allowed on Viuly. Impersonation can be very harmful to a persons image. A creator could lose revenue that is rightfully theirs. A viewer could sustain a blow to their personal reputation. This is unacceptable.

Copying a channel design and images could put you in breach of copyright law, and put your own account in jeopardy.

Using a similar username, personal information or image to deceive other members into believing you are someone else is also not allowed.


If you, or any children you know of are in danger, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Any content that endangers a child's well being is unacceptable. Anyone uploading any content that Sexualizes children will have their account immediately and irrevocably terminated.

All imagery and video content that shows the sexual abuse of children will be immediately reported to local law enforcement.

Please report any videos or content that depicts the abuse of children immediately using any method available on our contact page.

What can I do?

If you believe you or someone you know is the target of such attacks, please report it immediately. If you can, please provide as much information about the situation as possible. Including screenshots; times; dates; links and (user)names will help us to effectively stop the bullying from continuing.

If you have concerns, please use any of the methods listed on our contact page to get in touch with us.

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