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Due to a spate of spammers; scammers and cheaters, the Viuly team have decided to block all accounts that are seen to have been engaged in suspicious activity. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Spamming forums with referral links
  • Creating multiple accounts to cheat the system
  • Suspicious transactions like large donations and massive increases in balances
  • Multiple accounts created from the same IP address
  • Fishing site makers who generate revenue by funneling new users through their referral address

If your account has been blocked and you think it is an error, please email and ask for your account to be reviewed. Please state why you think it was an error, so that it can be investigated properly.

Make certain you can prove that your account was not used for nefarious purposes.

At this stage (Early Alpha), there is no guarantee your account will be unblocked.

After you've emailed support, please be patient as the staff are working hard keep up with the influx of emails.

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