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Since we've jumped past the 1,000,000 user mark, new referrals are no longer accepted. The referrals prior to this mark will continue to pay out as normal.

We have implemented a 3 Tier referral system. This is how it works:

  • 1st level - receives 10VIU
  • 2nd level - receives 7VIU
  • 3rd level - receives 5VIU

So, if John refers Leo and Leo refers Olivia, John will receive 10VIU from referring Leo and also 7VIU from the referral that Leo made to Olivia.

Same logic is followed for rewards on the platform. For example:

  • donations
  • paid channel subscription
  • paid video acquisition
  • watching a paid Ad


  • receives 5%
  • receives 2%
  • receives 1%

This means that if Olivia has a paid channel and a subscriber, Leo will receive 5% of that and John 2%.

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